Melkio & Ana Ferias


MELKIO and Ana Ferias


We have all been children.

And as children, watching the clouds in the sky, we found winged dragons that breathe fire, very slow turtles, gentle giants, cotton candy galore. In short, we imagined a lot of things.
Melkio, seeing the accomplishments of Ana on Instagram, he did this, he imagined. The fabrics placed in an apparently random came to life, shadows games become a dancer, San Giorgio taming the dragon etc … each with its own history, exposed in the captions. And ‘it born so the idea for this project, from’ meeting of two artists away from each other but linked by their imaginative capacity of children, growing up, Melkio and Ana, have kept alive.
Small stories of shadows, even for adults.

The project will be expose in Italy and Portugal.

Melkio Melchionda Luca, born in 1984 has always been and for all Melkio. The style, both in design and in writing, is recognizable: a few details, simple objects, synthesis and a magic imagination, thoughtful but with clear accents to the world of childhood.

Ana Férias is a Portuguese artist currently lives and works in Setúbal. Her work explores the relationship between the inside and the outside of the shape and the background. There is a very fine line between them. This limit is built of layers, transparency, lines and textures that are added to each other and suggest stories


Все мы когда-то были детьми.

И в детстве, наблюдая за причудливо меняющимися облаками, мы представляли парящих драконов, извергающих пламя, медлительных черепах, добрых великанов, реки сладкой ваты. Проще говоря наше воображение было бескрайним. Melkio, наблюдая за работами Анны в Instagram, поймал это ощущение, он стал фантазировать. Случайные фактуры приобрели формы. В игре теней проявился дракон, работы парикмахеров сложились в дракона …. каждая работа со своей историей, хранящейся в заголовках. Идея этого проекта началась со встречи двух художников живущих на расстоянии, объединенных способность фантазировать, как в детстве. Маленькие истории теней для взрослых.
Проект будет представлен в Италии и Португалии.

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