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  • Tatiana Plakhova

    COMPLEXITY GRAPHICS Vol.1 Bio: Tatiana graduated from Moscow State University with a Master in Social Psychology, and then studied in High Academic School of Graphic

  • Dasha Matrosova

    FEELING… Bio: Dasha Matrosova is one of the most talented and outstanding young photo — artists from Belarus. 26 years old woman from Vytebsk is the winner

  • Evgeny Vtorov

    STEPS INTO | OUT – DESCRIPTION: Each step out brings us closer to ourselves, each step into the depth sets us free. Каждый шаг наружу

  • Victoria Firsova

    ANOTHER SIDE Sometimes she seems to see dreams of other people. Thoughtforms and images are born from such dreams. She always searches for a crack between reality and

  • Alexei Klimov

    CRIMEA — Photo exhibition Photographer, teacher of photography Alexei Klimov is a series of landscapes of the Crimea. Photos of winter sea with beach buildings,

  • Melkio & Ana Ferias

    LITTLE SHADOW TALES We have all been children. And as children, watching the clouds in the sky, we found winged dragons that breathe fire, very slow turtles, gentle

  • Chris Mgassa

    BIOSINGULARITY The main idea of the works is primordial space where physical laws can no longer be applied. The universe appeared at a particular moment. However, this

  • Yury Goryanoy

    THE ILLUSION OF TRANSPARENCY What is it? A fascinating phrase exciting extension or one of the cognitive biases leading to inaccurate judgment and illogical

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